Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Staying Gold

The Gold standard.  Gold medals.  Golden age.  The Golden years.  All connote the best.  Recently, Meredith and I visited a coffee house/cafe on Main Street in Belmar, NJ called Stay Gold.  I fell in love with this comfortable shop that sells healthful smoothies, coffee drinks, lunch and dinner.  I really liked the chalkboard sign that described the philosophy of the cafe (if cafes have philosophies).

On our first visit, we each enjoyed a hot latte - she likes cinnamon and I'm a mocha girl (skinny, of course).  Our gold standard of coffee is Starbucks, but Stay Gold prepared truly enjoyable drinks for us.

There was just the right amount of foam on this latte.  We enjoyed sitting by a warm fire on comfortable benches.

The comfy seating area has a two-sided fireplace dividing the coffee/smoothie bar and the restaurant portion of this space.

There is also a mini-stage in the front window of the cafe with seating as well. 

The old West style lettering is an interesting focus.  There is live entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings.

On our second visit, we had lunch.  Sitting at a window table on the other side of the fireplace, we got the inside view of the artist's wall.  It features the art work of a local artist.

I just loved the ambiance of this place.  The lighting added to the relaxation factor.

We ordered a delicious lunch.  This is  the way they served water to us before the meal.

We use mason jars at home as glasses, just for fun.  The wait personnel kept it filled for me, aquaholic that I am.

We started off with an appetizer that we both enjoyed.

Easy, cheese artichoke brushetta.  Yum.

Our meals came out in a timely fashion.

I enjoyed their signature tuna salad plate with avocado and carrot curls.   I haven't seen a carrot curl since baby carrots became the staple.  I appreciated the effort it took to build the plate.  Meredith had a roasted vegetable panini which was equally delicious.

  I'd like to go back in the evening and BMOB.  Maybe listen to some music - mellow, most likely.   Such a nice venue.  Comfortable, relaxing and DIVINE!


  1. Fantastic review! You should get paid if you go back and do another...

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