Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Small Spring Makeover on A Shoestring Budget

Living in the Northeast can do a number on your psyche during the L-O-N-G winter.  Although Spring is officially here, the weather isn't cooperating.  I wanted to spruce up the house with a few Spring things - and trick myself, anyway.  

3 for $5 at Produce Junction in South Jersey.  Makes a nice live centerpiece.

I am new to sewing and for about $30 I added some new color to my old family room.  Fabric is expensive, so I am thrifty when it comes to shopping for it.  Walmart has some good deals and so does

I need to preface this with the fact that in some ways, our family room is stuck in the 80's when we built the house.  Due to lack of time and some economic constraints, it has remained flowery and hunter green.  Ignoring the wallpaper border, I changed out the valances over the windows with some summery fabric that reminds me of Boca Raton.  

Using the pattern of the valance on the top, I sewed up a new one that reminds me of tropical paradise.  Well, at least something lush and Springlike.

Next, I changed out the pillows on the couch by sewing some envelope style pillow covers which can easily be laundered and changed.  I used the pillow forms from the existing ones.

The hunter green couch remains the same, but the updated pillows give the look a Springish lift.  
I dug this forsythia vase of flowers out of the basement as an ode to Spring.

The color yellow always lifts my spirits.

Now, when I walk in the room, a feeling of hope pervades, DIVINELY chasing away the winter blues.  (Fake it, till you make it).


  1. I love it all! The tropical fabric is great and the pillows make a big impact for a small change.

  2. Looking forward to using some of your ideas to spruce up my own living room for spring!