Monday, March 3, 2014

Family Theme Night

We are at it again.  A family night of food and fun and celebration.  This night's celebration was for Nanny's 86th birthday.  It was Tim's turn to think of a theme.  While we had a tough time naming it; I will say that he loved to watch the Beverly Hillbillies when he was young, and always got a good laugh when Granny Clampett was stirring up a pot of victuals on the stove. We actually weren't interested in eating heaps of roasted squirrel or possum belly stew, that's for sure.  But we thought perhaps we could rename some of our dishes with the Clampetts in mind. We had a few starters.

In addition to chips and dips and salsa, and our traditional deviled eggs, Becky and Meredith offered some stuffed potato skins and hand rolled buffalo chicken wraps.  I sure did like dippin' those hot hawg mush sticks in blue cheese and the tater skins with pig bits on top.

Tim grilled up some burgers and dogs with a couple of sous chefs.  How about possum tails and cow pies for aliases?  Lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle toppers were the fixin's.

Timmy and Sabrina fried up some chicken sliders - extra spice and mild.  Nothing like sinking your teeth (what two you have left) into some fried fowl.

Then there's Aunt Tracy's roasted potatoes in a creamy sauce.  Too elegant for this venue?  Perhaps, but nothing goes better with a dinner like this than tater dumplin's dripping in white gravy.

Fruit is fruit is fruit is fruit.

Worms in dirt need no further clarification.

The birthday girl's favorite strawberry shortcake aka mini paw-paw pie.

Nanny even brought along an old recipe book picked up on a family vacation in the 60's.  The Ozarks, I'm guessing.

Filled with recipes as well as witticisms and advice.  Lots of inspiration for me.  Here are a few of my favorites:

"Blisters on yore tongue kin be caused by tellin' lies."
"If th' thumb itches, you'll have comp'ny."
"Don't sleep in th' moonlight.  This may cause yuh to go crazy."

Yes, it was a DIVINE family night even without the fiddle and the whiskey barrel. 

"Y'all come back now, heah?"

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  1. I'm cracking up over here! But in all seriousness those potato skins and chicken sliders look sooooo tasty! Looks like a fun time.