Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Welcome to Nancy's Bistro

My sister is one of my best friends.  We live within a couple of miles of each other, but often jobs, families, life gets in the way of us spending time together.  Yesterday was an exception. Nancy had a day off from the bank and I had a window of time.  She invited me to lunch.  You have to know my sister to know what a treat this is.  She expresses her creativity through food - cooking and presentation.  While I am a wannabe photojournalist, her dream is to open a restaurant.  

She transformed a corner in her living/great room into a bistro table.  She sets it up and serves a delicious lunch or dinner for two.  I was fortunate to partake of the offerings of the day.

Like me, Nancy is always into healthful meals.  Vegetables are a staple and so is salad.  Today the bowl of greens was surrounded by small dishes of add-ins -- tomatoes, onions and peppers, dressing and a homemade specialty.

She oven-roasted her own roasted red peppers with garlic.   She frequents a produce market where prices are good and vegetables abound.  She packed up a little jar for me to take home and share at my table. 

The main dish was shrimp skewers over a roasted vegetable medley of fennel, peppers, red potatoes and asparagus (she knows they are my favorite).  Of course there is always a wine selection - reserve Cabernet for this meal.  Warm and welcoming on a winter's day.

A closer look, plated.  After I added the salad to the plate - no more photos - time to enjoy!

We spent the afternoon, chatting, laughing together as only sisters do, and enjoying a healthy bistro feast.  Thanks for the DIVINE lunch.  See ya Sunday.

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