Monday, February 3, 2014

Superbowl for Two

Well, we weren't going to any parties, not with Tim icing his shoulder after surgery last week.  So we had our own little Superbowl Sunday party.  I'll reserve my game comments for the end of this post.

I wanted a semi-healthy theme (well at least one healthy choice - I have to weigh in for the month this week).  

I was in the mood for Asian cuisine, so I put together some lettuce wraps with couscous (whole wheat of course), tiny broccoli florets, and island teriyaki sauce.  The crunchy, large Boston lettuce leaves were the perfect pocket for my creation.  The orange garnish was refreshing as well as decorative.  TOUCHDOWN!

Equally healthy and easy, was a shrimp platter.  I bought raw shrimp that were peeled and cleaned so it was easy to defrost them, steam them, chill them and serve them.  SAFETY!

I do like lots of lemon on my seafood.  And there are leftovers enough for lunch today.

A play on chips and dip - spinach, kale yogurt dip with baked garlic pita chips.

Lastly, we enjoyed some standard party fare - little hot dogs.  They were wrapped in pretzel pastry and took a few minutes in the oven.  

He likes mustard dipping sauce, I like ketchup.

Okay, I'm not really going to comment to much on the game, but I did live in Denver for awhile and was an Orange Crush fan from the early 80's.  My favorite facebook comment on the outcome of the game had to do with the Broncos partaking of the recently legalized marijuana before the game.  A chuckle, probably not true, but it would explain a lot.  

Losing a bet to my husband for a foot massage - questionably DIVINE!

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  1. Everything looks fabulous! I am not a football fan, but I did get a kick out of the fact that the two states with legalized marijuana were playing.