Monday, February 17, 2014

A Winter's Tale of Howell

Winter is such a boring time.  It's hard to find inspiring things.  I frequently pass this sign as I am traveling the back roads of Howell and it somehow spoke to me of the past and bucolic times.  

Oak Glen Road runs parallel to the Route 9 Corridor.  Yet, you find yourself in a pastoral setting with lots of country road sightings.  This sign was so inspiring, I mentioned it on Facebook and asked friends if they had any "out of the way" inspiration around the town of Howell.  I got comments like:

"I'd really like to know."
"Your backyard."
"I'll keep my eyes open."

We all like the recreation and the beauty the Howell Reservior offers, but I was looking for something like the Brown Eggs sign to give me a respite from the dreariness of winter.  So of course, I got my camera and took a little driving tour of a few back roads in Howell and here are some of the things I found.

The cow looked right at the me while I was shooting this photo.  There are working farms, close off the beaten path in Howell.  Chickens, cows and many horse boarding farms, pepper the town reminding us that it was once very agricultural, before Howell became a popular place to raise your family and get away, but not too far away, from urban life.  

A wooden door recessed into stone veneer is actually a rehab on the end of a chicken coop.  

Ironically, I found a lone flag on Victory Road.  Stuck in the mossy roots of a rotted tree, I wondered if it had been there through the snows or left over from summer or Veteran's Day.   

And then there's my own backyard, which is an inspiring place in itself in every season.  I took my favorite shot while clomping about in my snow boots.

Here is what is left of my herb garden.  A few sprigs of rosemary.  This aromatic is a savory perfume for potatoes, chicken and roasted veggies.  And me.  I like to run my hands across the sprigs and breathe in the scent.  Finding inspiration in my own back yard - DIVINE!

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