Friday, January 17, 2014

January Beach Walk

The beach was calling me on this particularly beautiful January day in Nags Head, NC.  I walk many happy miles along this beachfront each summer, soaking up sun, surf and sand.  But a winter walk is a treasure of its own.  Gone are the families and friends who make this beach a playground during the summer months, swimming, picnicking, tossing balls around and enjoying the copious sunshine and warmth.  Just me, my camera and a couple of other beach lovers walking with or without a pet or two.  It can be a little windy and cold at the beach this time of year, but the blue sky, low tide, and calm waves are inviting all the same.

Yes, even in the winter, I can't resist the feel of sand beneath my toes.   I got a good long walk in before my feet started to freeze and I put my shoes back on.  There is so much to see and a large, uninterrupted span of beach to enjoy.

The waves deposit broken shells, pebbles and the rare piece of sea glass on the smooth sand of low tide.

The tire tracks of four-wheelers leave the sandy terrain deeply ridged.

Tumbleweeds of sea grass clump together and blow across the landscape.

The skeletonous remains of a sea snake or eel quietly curled up on the cold sand.

A small white feather dropped from the underbelly of a seagull.

Sea birds turning their heads away from wind; hiding in the warmth of their wings.

The gentle lapping of the waves on this beautiful day, the inhale/exhale of the ocean.

Peace, Tranquility, and a bit of cold - Divine.

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