Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy 29th Anniversary

 It was a cold day in January, 1985, when Tim and I eloped to Maryland to get married.  It was a momentous occasion in more than one way.  We spent the weekend in Washington, DC.  It was Superbowl Weekend, the 49ers were playing, and it was the second inauguration of Ronald Reagan's presidency.  It was also one of the few times the monuments were closed due to high winds and bad weather.  Fast forward 20 years.  Tim is in NC working on the house and Val and children are home.  18" of snow fell that day and we all shoveled the 70' driveway.  Very memorable.   In fact, I've barely gotten over it.  After that, Tim purchased a snow blower and of course, we had very few snow storms for years.  

Yesterday, on the occasion of our 29th, I was again shoveling snow - just keeping up with the sidewalks, while my knight in shining armor was plowing the driveway with his construction equipment and making pathways with the snow blower.  Much more pleasant memories.

Pleasant as well, was the wonderful anniversary dinner my sweet daughter made for us.  

We started off with steamed oysters.  We brought them back from our weekend in Nags Head.  I like them with lemon, Tim uses hot sauce and butter.  We don't look for pearls in oysters, we look for slough crabs which are little crunchy critters hanging out inside the shell.  A delicacy and a treat.

Dinner was delicious as well.  Chicken Francais, green bean bundles wrapped in bacon, and crescent rolls.  She bundles the green beans, wraps them in bacon, brushes with brown sugar, and roasts them in the oven.  A family specialty for a very special occasion.

The dessert was elegant and tasty, made with a diet friendly cake recipe of dry chocolate cake mix and canned pumpkin, lite Hershey's syrup, fat free frozen yogurt and raspberries.  

Because of the weather, we couldn't celebrate at a restaurant as we usually would, but our own kitchen bistro was a divine place to spend our anniversary.  Thanks, Mere.

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