Monday, November 11, 2013

Theme Night - Engagement Food

Theme Night this month was at Timmy and Sabrina's house in Mays Landing.  We all drove down with our offerings for the theme of -- Engagement Food.  We weren't quite sure what that actually meant, but we put it all together as a cocktail hour/ wedding food sort of a theme.  There were even gifts for the happy couple.  The family is so excited for upcoming nuptials next October.  

Here are some of the awesome appetizers we enjoyed.

 Filled puffed pastry and tomato pie, a local favorite, as well as a goat cheese log encrusted with cinnamon and cranberries (yummy, Becky got it at Costco) and some baked tomatoes.  Not shown is crab dip and an array of bread dippers brought by Aunt Tracy and veggies (of course).

With Nanny's deviled eggs and so many starters that completed the cocktail hour portion of the party, we were very full before we even got to the luscious dinner.  

Louis, Sabrina's Dad, made this chicken escarole soup - so warm and comforting.

Those little white balls are mini-mozzarella to complement the salad bar offerings brought by yours truly.
Even though Meredith and Nick couldn't make it to the event, Meredith's wonderful idea of a mashed potato bar was a fun addition to the meal.

Timmy's specialty is chicken francais and it was absolutely delish.

No theme night is complete without loads of dessert.

Chocolate fondue with a variety of dippers.
Nanny's brownies went great with the two kinds of ice cream - or even dipped in chocolate.
Even Cobee got to enjoy his Frosty Paws.

It was a great time and we were happy to have everyone who hadn't yet met Sabrina's Dad to get to spend some time with him.

My favorite photo of the night.  You can put your own caption on this ha, ha!

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