Monday, November 4, 2013

The Sewing Project

Retirement Project #1 - Make curtains for the master bedroom and recover the fabric  seats on the vanity chairs.

We inherited a few antique pieces from Tim's aunt.  My favorite is this 40's art deco vanity.  Both chairs were recovered once, but the fabric again needs updating. 
This piece is an eye-catcher between the windows.  I don't spend too much time primping at it but it reminds me of Hollywood and days gone by.  

 My friend, Debe, a would be decorator, who has good taste and a slew of ideas about what looks good, made a few suggestions.

I am not a seamstress, in fact all I ever knew about sewing I learned in seventh grade Home Economics.  We made a felt vest.  In 8th grade we made a lined wool skirt, and when it came to the fashion show, I was kindly asked to be the announcer, instead of a model.  Maybe Miss Janetta was afraid my skirt wouldn't hold up for the show.  Needless to say, that was the end of my Home Economics/Sewing classes.  I opted for more academic pursuits in High School.  

Cheryl helped me find an extreme bargain sewing machine at Tuesday Morning.  A small number which she claims sews like a gem.   I bought some fabric and I thought I'd coordinate everything, stripes and paisley, in my favorite blue/green color palette.   

This is the little baby machine.  It even does zig-zagging.  
  I watched a couple of how-to videos on You Tube.   It's funny how certain terms of vocabulary and parts of the machine remain implanted in your memory.  

I set the machine up in my newly acquired guest room on Tim's blueprint table.  There is great natural light streaming in from the east and south facing windows.

Well, Friday afternoon and part of Saturday morning, produced results, which if I may say so myself, made me proud.  

The valances in blue-green paisley.

Three small throw pillows in opposing prints - love that look!

The next morning I was ready to tackle recovering of the seat cushions.  My husband, Tim, who can do anything, but unfortunately doesn't have time for many small home improvement projects, assisted me in covering the seats and back rests.

Here's Tim using his staple gun and a hammer to tightly cover the chair pads.  

Here's the TA-DA!

I love walking into the bedroom now.  I feel so lighthearted.  That outdated fabric has been bothering me for years.  It never really matched the rest of the room.   I will be looking forward to some additional projects soon.  I don't think I'll be making clothing for the family, but a well-placed pillow cover here or there will look DIVINE.

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