Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Meeting of the Moms

Last week we had a lovely theme night at Timmy's house, and this Friday night was a special dinner, too.  Meredith and I got to meet Sabrina's mom, Sandi.  We're Facebook friends, of course,  but this was the real thing.  We both are so happy for the impending marriage of our children, and tonight was a lovely way to meet and get to know each other.

Here we are enjoying a glass of wine and a hug with Cobee before dinner.

Sandy brought some luscious wine for us to try - Chocolate Red Wine.  This wasn't the usual milky Choco-Vine we've had as a cordial, this was a red table wine with a hint of smooth chocolate in the finish.
Here's that bottle. Even Timmy, who usually likes a glass of white, enjoyed this taste.
Timmy and Sabrina were busy in the kitchen preparing a completely lovely dinner to mark the special occasion.
Seeing them happily work together is a good sign their marriage will be a real partnership.

We talked comfortably, exchanging kid stories, and lovingly complimenting their efforts.  We are excited about the planning of the big day and the wonderful things yet to come.  That's what real family is - past, present and future - rolled into memorable moments that touch the emotional heart inside.

 On the menu: salad, steak (chicken for Sabrina and Cobee), spaghetti with scampi sauce, and green beans.  So happy they are eating their veggies (said every Mom everywhere). The dining experience was like a five-star restaurant with the nicest host and hostess.  

The dining room table with lovely place settings.
Perfectly dressed Greek-style salad.  Loved the feta and the kalamata olives.
Filet mignon grilled to perfection on the outdoor barbecue.

Nanny's recipe for apple cake topped with pumpkin ice cream was a delicious ending - so another Mom was there in spirit.

And we all know that Cobee is part of the family.  He has his own chair at the table.
We ended the evening with a few rounds of this game, Spot It!  

A proper dinner, to mark a proper occasion.  Divine!

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