Friday, November 1, 2013

Lunch Bunch

My friend, Cheryl, lives a mile up the road.  I must pass her house and think fondly of her at least twice per day.  Unfortunately, with our busy lives, we go months without catching up or spending any time together.  Last week we got together at my house for a lunch, and today, Halloween, we had an afternoon together at her house.  

Here's Cheryl in her lush backyard.

We started the afternoon off with a sit down in the barn.  Cheryl is a true artist and has produced many creative works.  Evidence of her talents are displayed all over the inside of the rustic barn.  

In fact, today, Cheryl and I named this her Nana cave.  Her office to write and create wonderful pieces.

  We exchange stories about our families, but we also talk about our pasts and influences of experiences on our current situations.  It seems even after months of not speaking, we can immediately pick up where were left off, as if only a day went by.  Today we enjoyed a glass of wine together in the barn and then moved our visit inside to enjoy a farm fresh lunch including lettuces from her garden and a few additions from Delicious Orchards Farm Market.

A nice place setting always makes the ambiance special. 

Strong coffee served in Spode china cups as well as dessert on a festive plate completed the luncheon.

Cheryl's grandson Chris came home from school and dressed in his costume for some Halloween fun with his friends.

He doesn't look much like the baby boy I held in my arms as an infant, but underneath the mask, he still is that sweet child.

Cheryl and I made a plan to meet again next week and visit that wonderful farm market in Colts Neck - Delicious Orchards.  I'll be getting some fresh ingredients for a lunch on Friday with my friend, Susie, and provisions for our next theme night on Saturday.

Every single one of my friends has a special place in my heart.  Cheryl is divine.

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  1. Thank you for spending Halloween with me best neighbor Val, we always have fun, and its great to know that you are always just down the road! Love you, Cher