Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Decorations

Our home is our castle, whatever that means.  While I don't decorate extensively for any holiday except Christmas, I like to put around a few items, inside and outside the house that acknowledge the season.  Not really Halloween or Thanksgiving - just FALL.

The front door sports this basket of Fall foliage.  The autumn colors stand out against the green door.

There is one decoration I have been putting up for years.  It has even spent some time on my bulletin boards at school.

My mother-in-law made this guy for me and he is so much a part of the seasonal decor.  When you walk into the kitchen at night, he could give you a bit of a startle until you realize it is Mr. Scarecrow, as familiar as an old friend.
I always set the dining room table with seasonal embellishments.
 We add some chrysanthemums and ornamental grass to the large pots outside the garage to complete our decorating.

This always looks like fall.
When it comes to decorating for Fall, mother nature does the best job by painting the leaves on the trees gorgeous colors of red, yellow and orange, and letting them fall to the ground and adorn the yard.   (My husband might not agree with me since he blows the leaves out of the yard).  

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