Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Non Traditional Thanksgiving

   The week before the actual holiday, we have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner complete with all the fixings and all the relatives, including grandparents, children, and some neighbors, too.  Since my sister lives basically right around the corner, this is a fun way for us all to get together.   It was especially celebratory this year, as we were celebrating an engagement, the announcement of a pregnancy with twins, and the continued health of the octogenarian and nonagenarian. The adult children are then free to spend their holiday with the divine families of their significant others, and we travel off to Nags Head for a somewhat non-traditional dinner.  My sister, who is a great cook and the major producer of the traditional dinner, joined our excursion and helped enjoy our seaside feast this year.

We always begin with a healthy starter - veggie crudites.

Some toasted flatbread with vegetable tapenade.

The wine of the day.

Favorite cosmo recipe - a real treat.

Steamed (and some grilled) oysters.

Pickled beets.

Main event - cornbread fried oysters and fried scallops, as well.

Locally grown sweet potato.

Steamy sauteed spinach.
I am a big fan of colorful plating.  We had orange, red, green, yellow and brown. 
Fall colors on a plate - yum - a veritable feast for sure.
Dinner always has a dessert to end - Nancy made pumpkin pie without a crust and I made a pumpkin loaf from a Weight Watchers recipe.

Just a dry spice cake mix and a can of pure pumpkin for a healthy alternative.

The crustless pie cracked a little during baking, but a spoon inserted for a taste test made the crack bigger.

Making a new holiday tradition - divine.  And I'm not really sure if eating oysters on Thanksgiving is such a new idea.  I'm pretty sure our Pilgrim forefathers and mothers used the fruits of the sea in that first feast as well as the fruits of the land and the sky.  Most important is the gratitude we feel for the abundance in our lives and the love of our divine family.

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