Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week Night Sunday Dinner

When we are not grilling (translate - when Tim doesn't feel like cooking which thankfully, is not that often), our weekday meals are usually easily prepped and cooked.  Last night I felt like a Sunday dinner on a week night.  I peeled some Granny Smith apples and doused them with cinnamon and roasted them in the oven right along with a pork loin and potatoes.  Who cares if the veggies were frozen and the gravy was from a jar?  The three of us enjoyed a lovely family dinner full of comfort, conversation and good food.

Peeling and preparing the apples.
The aroma of the cinnamon complemented the garlic/pepper encrusted pork roast.

I put potatoes around the meat like my mother used to and they browned wonderfully - less than healthy, but a treat.
Yes frozen bagged vegetables.  Mixed with sauce already on them.  


Our next meals will definitely be lighter and more weight watcher friendly, but a touch of down home comfort was welcome after a busy Monday. 

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