Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Divine Comeback and Other Celebrations

This is a month of celebrations.  

The happy couple (or should I say trio).  Love you Cobee.

Something really divine occurred in our family recently.   My son, Timmy, became engaged to his beautiful girlfriend of a few years.  I am jumping up and down happy to welcome Sabrina into the family.  She has always been part of our divine theme nights and other family occasions but in a year or so it will be legal and official.  I can't wait to celebrate their special day and all the days leading up to the wedding.  

I told Sabrina that if I could have hand picked a partner for my son, I would pick her.  She is wonderful, loving, giving, smart and practical, too.  And did I mention beautiful?  

We also celebrated big Tim's birthday with a family dinner at home.  We all worked together and produced a celebratory feast worthy of a 60th celebration. 

The table was set with a Fall theme.  We decided, after much texting, the kitchen, rather than the dining room, would make a better venue.

We started with a champagne toast and some edamame rangoons from our favorite grocer, thanks, Meredith for stopping at Trader Joe's on your way home from work.
Sangria served in mason jars was another fun libation.

We enjoyed spinach apple salad, steak marinated with coffee and other amazing spices, balsamic chicken, Nick's delicious signature mushrooms and garlic bread.  A dinner where we savored the family time together as well as the delicious food.

To end the delicious meal, and celebrate the big birthday, Sabrina made Tim's favorite Pineapple Upside Down Cake.  She used crushed pineapple instead of rings so the brown sugary taste would be in every bite.

You'll notice the number candle has been used a few times before this and we're saving it for the next family member who will turn sixty - no names mentioned.

Living, loving, laughing - Life is Divine!

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