Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Salad Days and Nights

We try to have salad for dinner at least one night a week.   It is a fun way to eat a variety of veggies and there are endless possibilities when making this colorful, main meal selection.  

Monday is a good choice for salad night, especially after a weekend of overindulgence. This night I decided on the basic romaine lettuce salad as the base.

I chopped the leaves into small bite sized pieces.  It is easier to eat and absorbs the dressing better.  
I prepared a small appetizer plate to take the edge off the pre-dinner hungries.  We regularly eat dinner at a late hour between 7 and 8, sometimes later.  

Grapes, olives, some sharp provolone we purchased at Columbus Market on Sunday and crackers were the starters of the night.

I had one last bowl left over of this delicious butternut squash soup which Tim enjoyed.  Thank you, Susie, for this simple recipe.  We loved it and will be making it again.

Warm flavors and color made this a satisfying starter.

I prepare a tray of a variety of salad additions with one or two side dishes to complete the meal. Fresh, crusty bread would also be a fine accompaniment as well. 

Pickled beets - simply canned beets, onion and vinegar - make a healthy side dish that goes with lots of different meals, as well as this salad one.
The compartmentalized serving set includes artichoke hearts, black olives, roasted red peppers, some fat free feta as well as a mixture of tomato, cucumber, onion and radish.  Add any and all of your favorites;  use what you have on hand and your personal preferences.

\Sometimes we go meatless or do grilled portabella mushrooms on the side, but we had some left over grilled chicken cutlet, which made a protein addition to the veggies.

I provide each person with a small serving spoon to choose the items he/she wants to enjoy from the "salad bar"  along with a choice of dressing.

Bon Appetit!


  1. That is some kind of salad night!!
    Very creative! Diane

  2. That's some kind of salad night! Very creative!