Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Inspiration comes in different forms.  It may be the way the sun hits the top of the trees as you gaze out the window.  It may come as joy fills you from beholding a beautiful piece of art, or a sweet moment between a parent and child, or the smile that lights up your life.  Today, I am inspired to start blogging again.  My inspiration came from a friend's daughter, whom I call a friend now and her blog.  

Jen became my Facebook friend through her mom who was a High School friend.  (Yes, we go way back and have reconnected through Facebook, the gym and lunch dates -my favorite - more about that in a subsequent post).  I felt a closeness, an affinity to Jen through her posts and wanted to meet her.  Well the day came at a lovely lunch at her mom's home.  Yes, despite our age difference, we have much in common and I want to share her inspirational blog with y'all.

http://driftwoodgardens.com  is her blog about home, food, family, etc.  I hope it will inspire you, too.


  1. Thank you,Valerie! I am really looking forward to reading your posts!