Thursday, October 31, 2013

Idyll Time (Fall into Retirement)

The Brick Reservoir on a lovely Fall afternoon.

Last June I retired from teaching preschool.  I made a list of activities and things to do when I retired that would keep my mind, body and spirit engaged.  One of them was to take a walk every day. While I miss the special energy of the children and how much they enriched my life, I am enjoying this beautiful Fall weather and scenery as I haven't been able to in years and years. 

 I try to walk every morning (or sometimes afternoon) at the Brick Reservoir to keep up the activity level that I miss from being in the classroom with the children.  I am so grateful for the beauty around me - it becomes so much more than exercise - sort of a gratitude walk where I can think over my goals, my wishes and my joys of the day.   I can work out any angst and return to my busy life, calm and energetic.

On a particularly warm afternoon, I grabbed my camera and my gym shorts and rounded the 1.6 mile walk.  I've always appreciated the care and the efforts of the Brick Municipal workers to maintain this beautiful walking area. 

Splashes of Fall color here and there.

Particularly inspiring are some landscaped areas that add to the tranquil ambiance of the walking experience.
The stone blends with the plantings for a manicured look.

As I am walking around, I hear snatches of conversations, meet dogs of all sizes and shapes, and people here for a work-out, some fishing time, or just sitting in a gazebo or on a bench and soaking up the sunshine.  There are grandmas and their little ones, moms pushing carriages, men or women walking in groups; all here to enjoy the day.

An idyllic place for exercise, contemplation and inspiration.  Divine!

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