Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Celebrating With The Girls

Fast forward Sex and the City thirty years and here we are.   We are not discussing life as single women looking for men and trying to make sense out of it, but rather catching up and discussing issues related to family, friends and ourselves.

A cooperative waiter took this photo at a recent celebration.  Happy Birthday, June.

For about the last 17 years, we have been celebrating birthdays together.  We all get together for a dinner at a restaurant of the birthday girl's choice and enjoy an evening of sharing about our children, our husbands and the latest symptoms of menopause and aging.   At one time, we all worked together at the same preschool; now only one of us remains.  We have a new job, or a new situation, or a new house but still like to get together and laugh and share.  

We have pictures to share - weddings, engagements, new pets - and stories to share as well with our own added comments and impressions.  Who is going on vacation and where?  Who had a scare at a doctor's appointment?  Who's son or daughter is engaged, got a new job or went somewhere interesting?  Who is reading a really good book?

Of course there is wine or drinks and food involved and we usually have a dessert with four forks to share at the end of our meal.

Here's a warm banana bread confection from Bahama Breeze.
We end the night with hugs and set up the next occasion to get together - a holiday related dinner is coming up in December.  

Do I fancy myself Carrie Bradshaw of the older set?  Maybe.  Loving my divine life and the people in it!

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