Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We've Come A Long Way Baby, Anniversary Blog

Saturday night, April 22,  we celebrated a theme night entitled, "Opening Day Baseball, Season Two".  Coincidentally, it was the beginning of the second year of the blog.  My first theme post was Austin's baseball inspiration.  It remains one of our favorite food frenzies.   A few things have changed -- not really the  food, but we've added Nick, a pretty good cook and all around nice guy.  I learned how to insert pictures between the text, instead of separately.   And, we actually played a backyard whiffle ball game instead of the usual blood pressure readings.  I'd say we've come a long way, baby. 

 Featured dishes which are not a replay of previous posts.

My three favorite Yankee Fans, Meredith, Sabrina and Tim.

Nanny up at bat.

We call this overnight salad; a layered creation of greens topped with bacon, cheese and a dressing of mayonnaise and sugar.

A trio of wings.  Thanks, Nick.  Five alarm, barbecue, and medium heat.

Meredith's home run - cheesy bacon french fries.

Baseball decorated cupcakes from Becky.

Out of the park funnel cakes.  Couldn't keep the plate filled.

Baseball cake pops - a joint venture by Meredith and Sabrina.

Baseball is a great American sport - and family fun is the best of all.  In this second year of recording family events, I am inspired to keep writing, keep eating and keep enjoying.  By the way, MVP award to Meredith for her new food creations.