Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Ivy League Day

Last, Sunday, my bestie artist friend, Cheryl, and I visited a wonderful store called Paper Source on Nassau Street in Princeton.  We purchased a few gift items and Cheryl surprised me by purchasing a bookbinding kit for me.  She is going to help me bind my own book.  At first I wasn't sure what to put in it.  Cheryl had scanned and copied all her original art work and created her body of work  book.  I didn't have such a thing, but perhaps I'll make a poetry book or a photo  book or art creations, or maybe just a bit of everything.   

Here's Cheryl posing outside the wonderful store, full of inspiration and great ideas.  (both are)

After enjoying an hour or so of browsing and buying, Cheryl and I walked over the Princeton University campus enjoying the architecture and the lovely Spring day.  We both have a piece of our hearts in England, and felt right at home amongst the stone buildings.  I particularly enjoyed the cascading arches; they drew me in.

We meandered through the gardens and courtyards alive with history and beauty.  

We completed the day with an exhibit at the Princeton Art Museum.  The John Constable exhibit was displayed and of course, I enjoyed learning about the first artist to document country life in England in the 1700's.  His oil sketches were incredible to view.  Some were six feet wide and four feet tall - framed oil "sketches" with so much detail we both repeatedly commented, "and they're sketches."  No photography allowed in the museum.  

All free, all fun, all close by, all inspiring. 
 Thank you, Cher.

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