Friday, March 30, 2012

A Helpful Idea for Organization

  I enjoy scarves of all colors.  I often wear solids and so I can jazz up any outfit with a colorful scarf - quite in fashion these days.  I picked up the look in London in 2009, and it has been serving me well for the past couple of years.   
This is my collection, at least what it used to look like until yesterday,

I am an organized person, but maybe not always neat.  The scarves make it  into the bin, but in a jumble of color, texture and pattern.

So I made each scarf into a rosette.  Maybe an inspiration from the decorative concrete at Princeton University, I'm not sure where it came from.  It certainly seems "pinworthy" to me as I have become a Pinterest user recently.

You double it long-wise and wrap it around your hand and tuck in the edges.  Simple.

So during my semi-annual "clean out the closet" event, I folded all my scarves like rosettes and  now my scarf drawer looks like this:

Love it.  I may try colorizing or categorizing them, or maybe not.
Organized and semi-neat is okay with me.

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