Sunday, March 4, 2012

Comfort Food

Comfort food (and comfort, as well) is highly individual.  One man's trash is another man's treasure, etc.  We had several comforts represented at our most recent theme night.  In addition to yoga pants and fuzzy slippers, the comfort menu ran the gamut from buffalo chicken potato skins and chicken noodle soup, to hot dogs and beans and noodle kugel.  Definitely a night for discriminating pallets; choose your poison as the saying goes.  
The photos are the encapsulation of the entire menu, because each item represents an individualized form of comfort.

The Appetizers

We knew if was going to be a fun night when Timmy brought home this tray of pretzel bites with chocolate and cinnamon dipping sauces. 

Sabrina pinned the pizza dip and served it with homemade breadsticks from my trusty bread machine.

Nanny brought her staple, which Grandpa especially enjoys.

Becky brought baked brie topped with apricot jam and walnuts.
Even Grandpa participated with a shrimp plate. 

It wouldn't be theme night without something buffalo and Sabrina did not disappoint with buffalo chicken potato skins.

The Entrees
My chicken noodle soup served with homemade bread, of course.  Appetizer or entree - it works for both.
Nick brought a new version of an old favorite Mac and Cheese.  We loved the new flavor and the bigger noodles, but Aunt Marie - you have our heart, too.

Nanny takes comfort from hot dogs and beans (and big Tim, too)

All time favorite comfort food - fried chicken tenders with honey mustard, bbq sauce or sweet chili sauce.  Thanks, Mere.
Tracy, the originator of the theme, brought meatball parmigiana sandwiches.
Becky's noodle kugel is a replay from our Jewish theme night.  Love it!

The Desserts

A plateful of chocolate covered pretzels with a few extra goodies.
Apple pie served with vanilla ice cream.
What's more comforting than chocolate chip cookies, especially Tracy's homemade ones.
Sabrina added the element of health and freshness with a fruit and cheesecake dip presentation.

After this theme night, I've realized a few things.  Firstly, trite expressions can be comforting when describing certain events.  Secondly, there's nothing more comforting than being able to zip up your awesome skinny jeans (still waiting)  .  And mostly, being with family, laughing, eating and sharing stories is the most comforting of all. 

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