Monday, January 9, 2012

Shrimp Fest (August, 2011)

Between the summer and now we've had a couple of theme nights.  Our social calendar was very busy with four weddings, but we still managed to get together for a couple of fun filled nights of food and family.

When Tim and I came home from NC in early August, we hosted the Shrimp Fest '11.
North Carolina shrimp with heads on.  If you have never tried these  cuties, just get past the eyeballs staring at you, pop the head off and enjoy some of the sweetest shrimp ever.  It took me a while, but I'm okay with them now!  Still not sure about Tracy, and Sabrina runs for the hills.  
Here's what they look like cleaned and peeled.  The taste is great!

A tray of everyone's favorite - fried shrimp.  You have to pop the heads of f and clean these before breading and the little buggers can be kind of spiky.  Be careful!
The Grillmaster's Frying Contraption.

The glorious side dishes include:

Nanny's homemade coleslaw with a dressing made with condensed milk.

Garden favorites dressed with vinegar and sugar.

Aunt Tracy is the best at making macaroni salad.

My always contribution - the green salad.

Individual pineapple upside down cakes.

Brownies (Timmy's favorite)

We pick up shrimp by the five pounds from the fishing docks in Wanchese, NC.  We bring it home and package by freezing it in water.  The shrimp stays fresher and moister this way.  It tastes just as good as we use it throughout the Fall.

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