Monday, January 9, 2012

Second Annual Burger Contest (September, 2011)

Meredith and her friends get together on Labor Day Weekend and participate in a burger contest.  Last year's winner was Michele with a macaroni and cheese burger.  This year the contestants stepped up their games.  Tim and I were lucky enough to be the judges, along with nephew, James, and friend, Dave.

The burgers were judged on creativity, presentation and taste.

Knife skills.

Heart shaped chicken burgers marinating in HOT sauce.

Various selections.

On the grill.  Buns and plates were the same for all to level the playing field.

The overall winner, Kevin, added various  accompaniments to his burger presentation.

Who but these two lovebirds would make a heart shaped  chicken  burger with Hot, hot, hot sauce.

Meredith's selection included a delicious side sauce.

The judges

Everyone was a winner.  Taste, presentation, and creativity.
Can't wait to see what's cooking next year.

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