Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cheesey Dishes

Well, we are back in the theme night family dinner mode.  Ironically, my son, Timmy, picked cheese as the theme.  I wonder if he thought about the Giants playing the Packers when he thought of the idea.  We all watched the Cheese get swallowed up.  Go Giants!  (How's that for cheesy text).  And while I'm at it, some cheesy lines we've heard (not mentioning any names) include "do your legs hurt?  'cause you been running through my mind all day."  or "can I read your clothes tag? - you must have been made in heaven."    Appropriate theme.

The large variety of dishes included a large variety of cheese:  feta, mozzarella, gorgonzola, ricotta, sharp cheddar, brie, parmesan, cream and good old yellow American.

The appetizers:
Cheez-Its, Cheetos, deviled eggs (standard fare, no cheese but my mother-in-law tradGritionally makes them for my father each time), Oogie dip (more about that name later), spinach dip with melted parmesan cheese,  and baked brie with raspberry jam topping.

Inspired by a facebook post of Tim's goddaughter, affectionately named Oogies, this salad consists of chopped cucumber, chopped plum tomato, olive, feta, Greek yogurt and freshly snipped dill.

Uncheesy deviled eggs.

Hand battered mozarella by the cheese master, Timmy.
We had several main course selections, but I missed photos of the cheeseburger sliders and Aunt Marie's mac and cheese which was revealed in a previous posting.  Nanny brought a brocolli/cheese/tomato dish.

Aunt Tracy stuffed the shells and topped with homemade sauce.

Meredith rushed in from work and put together this gourmet pizza with carmelized onions, gorgonzola cheese, pecans, bacon and pears.  Very edgy.

The desserts:

Sabrina's peanut butter dipping ball was a big hit.  What could be better than a peanut butter/cream cheese ball rolled in peanut butter chips and chocolate chips with animal crackers as dippers.

Need we say more? 

Seafoam Salad made into a pie (cream cheese, pears, lime jello and Cool Whip)

The uncheese desserts were brownies and chocolate covered pretzels -- family favorites.

This was the night we picked numbers for the next months' themes.  Tracy is up first.  We'll see what comes up.  We have done the countries before the blog started but there is talk of revisiting our favorites:  Greek, Jewish, and Southern Fried.  I'll keep you posted.

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