Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Club

I hosted this month's book club.  We read The Center of Everything by Laura Moriarty.
It is a memior style novel from the prespective of a young girl coming of age with major obstacles to her emotional development.  Through her eyes, we see the progress of her friend, her mother, her brother and the other people in her life.  She learns to rely on herself and her intelligence. 

Typically, we have a gastro-session and then discuss the book.  I have been watching the Food Network a bit too much this summer.  Among other things, I served

White Sangria
Watermelon with Feta and snipped mint from the garden.

Cold cucumber soup

Savory tomato tart on puff pastry

 We are seven college graduates in the 50+ age range who enjoy getting together.  I am the newbie in the group, I joined two years ago. The majority of the members have known each other for years, attending college together.  We have teachers, a doctor of physical therapy, an insurance associate, a retired state police officer, and domestic engineers.  

 We discuss the book along with everything else that happens in our lives.  I once read a T-shirt that said, "Our wine club has a book problem."  While this readily applies to our group, I can also paraphrase additionally, - "Our food club has a book problem" or "Our therapy club has a book problem."  I am happy to say I am defined by the company I keep.

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