Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sharing A Home With Adult Children

Tim and I are happy we are able to continue to house our young adult children, as they build their professional/financial lives.  I can't say we haven't mentally redecorated at least one of their bedrooms in anticipation of the empty nest, but generally it is a happy situation.  Sometimes we don't actually see our adult children for days at a time.  One might be working nights and one might be visiting his girlfriend, our sometimes third adult child.  But we do always see their shoes, lined up by the couch awaiting a fast getaway. 

Sometimes we know they have been home; we find hints and clues they they have been around.  Kind of like a cat who might bring a dead bird home, we found this on our kitchen counter one day. 

 We didn't see our banker son for days afterward, but he did leave this present.  Just to let us know he still loves us, I suppose.

I know our children love living home, too.  Whenever we take a weekend away, they invite all of their friends over to enjoy their living arrangements.  How do we know?  Well, we might find photos of our kitchen filled with other adult children on facebook, some we've never met.  Or when we get home we notice the house is sparking clean - better than we left it.  Once I inquired, "what went on here this weekend?"  The response -  "Why?  What did you hear?"

The only thing that gets me a little snarky is who's cleaning the upstairs  bathroom this week.

Are we ready for the empty nest?  Not sure.  But I do know that one of the first times we had dinner alone (Meredith was away at school and Timmy was out for the evening) I could hear Tim chewing.  Not that he is a loud chewer, but that's how quiet it was.  So we turned on the music and shared a bottle of wine.  We'll adapt.

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