Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reflections - A Lovely Day

"The contemplation of beauty causes the soul to grow wings."  Plato

My dear friend, Cheryl, and I spent a lovely day at New York Botanical Garden, around the world and  back in history in one beautiful place. 

Spanish Paradise: Gardens of the Alhambra stimulates the senses, with texture, sound and glorious sight.

 Spanish guitar music played as we strolled through the Conservatory.
I especially loved the many citrus and flowering trees.  The air was perfumed with the smell of orchids, gardenias and lemon and lime.

The gardenias and other specimens were planted in large pots for the exhibit.

We toured the desert habitat and the outdoor lily ponds. 

This spot is particularly inspiring in August.

My favorite venue was the rainforest.  Lush greenery, ferns, mossy  rocks and the beautiful and colorful flora.

Colorful plants indicative of the rainforest.

Bird of Paradise

Despite the traffic crossing the George Washington Bridge, the NYBG is easy to reach from our area and a wonderful day trip.  So many beautiful gardens and photos. 

The Conservatory.
Promenade to the fountain in front of the library.

A small portion of the herb garden

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  1. Dear Val: A beautiful description of a beautiful day, thank you for our wonderful friend day, you inspire me! Love, Cher