Sunday, June 19, 2011

Aloha From the Kitchen

Sabrina's island theme night was a great success and quite delicious.  The girls worked all afternoon in the kitchen and created some spectacular offerings.  And they dressed for the occasion.

Proof that cooking is a glamourous event.

Some of the glamourous dishes included these:

Meredith tried her hand at an edible arrangement - spectacular!
Sabrina' strawberry margarita jello shots.

Aloha girls.

I knew the evening was going to be a great success when Nanny showed up in her Hawaiian muumuu purchased on her trip there with Tracy almost 35 years ago.

Another glamourous dish.

There was food galore as usual, including aloha chicken kebabs, island rice, sweet and sour chicken, sausage and peppers, my own girlie salad with mandarin oranges and toasted almonds, and a real appetizer treat - Sabrina's chicken and jalapeno bacon wrapped bundles.

We decided to move the party outside for dessert.  

The girls

The desserts were fabulous.

Now I know why islanders wear that drapped fabric-to hide their bellies.

Looking forward to next month's theme.  My own - Low Country dishes.

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