Sunday, April 3, 2011

Theme Night, April 3, 2011 - Opening Day

Our theme for the month - Opening Day Baseball. This great idea was created by Austin.   We're all Yankee fans and decided to celebrate with an opening day menu which included:
Super Pretzels
Cracker Jacks
Nachos and cheese
Hot Dogs, chicken cheese steaks, wings, sausage and peppers, buffalo chicken salad (for the dieters) as well as a fish platter.
Dessert included a chocolate tray, lemon cake with birthday candles for Grandpa, and make your own waffle cone ice cream treats.

We always make way too much food.  We end the evening with family fun and games.  This night we played Apples to Apples and I was the winner this time!

Our next venue will be suggested by Tracy.  I am looking forward to it as Tracy is the best of all at cooking. 

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